Tuesday, 14 July 2015

German Scientists Identify A Way To Read Human Brain

Scientists at Germany’s famous Karlsruhe Institute for Technology and United States’ Wadsworth Centre are busy, devising a way to read human mind. This reading was conducted by a sequence of electrodes that were firmed on the surface of the (human) cerebral cortex. The study involves scanning the brain waves and explicating them as phrase and even complete sentences of uninterrupted speech, reveals The New Zealand Herald. Tanja Schultz, information technology professor at KIT said "For the first time we've been able to observe the brain."

Seven epilepsy patients from United States were identified for the trial. These patients were asked to read aloud the specimen texts while the electrode series were attached to the brain’s outer layer – bared for epilepsy surgery. Observations of such sort are impractical, with electrodes firmed to the outside of the human skull. The trial has enabled scientists to observe how the human brain plans the speech. Besides researches now know how the speech organ muscles are activated through the neurons present in the brain cortex, few seconds before the speech is audible. Scientists used a software to map the functions and view it on screen with the help of different colours.

Eyeing such ongoing studies, Research Beam has recently added a report titled “IT Market in Germany 2015-2019.” The report takes a closer look at the market driver, challenges and trends in the aforesaid market across Germany. Boasting of the recent success Tanja Schultz adds “We arrive at meaningful results that are still far removed from the accuracy of acoustic speech recognition, but are well above pure chance.”

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