Friday, 11 September 2015

PixeLINK®’s Liquid Len Creates New Opportunities in the Global and Chinese Industrial Camera Industry

PixeLINK® had announced that it would be manufacturing world’s first industrial camera, with electronic, focus tunable liquid lens. The camera was introduced with no moving parts, yet offers high auto focus. Industry experts eyeing the global and Chinese industrial camera industry, 2009-2019 indicate that some other significant features of the camera include shock resistance, minimum power consumption and quick focus change. Commenting on their latest innovation the chief operating offer at PixeLINK®, William Lesniowski had revealed “The inclusion of cutting-edge auto focus liquid lenses into our Prometheus, Hyperion, and Titan lines of industrial cameras continues a tradition of innovation at PixeLINK."

He had explained “We are extremely proud to be the first C-Mount machine vision camera manufacturer to provide auto focus control via a liquid lens, and are excited to deliver this technology to OEMs and industrial camera users in medical, inspection, and security markets around the world." While mechanical lens fail to survive hundred thousand cycles, the liquid lens perform even after hundred million cycles with any degradation. Besides this, the liquid lenses are known to reconfigure on their own in just 10 of milliseconds. So, this makes them perfect for greater vibration surroundings and uses that demand quick focus changes. Observing a greater demand for industrial cameras Prof Research Reports has added a report titled “Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Industrial Camera Industry, 2009-2019.”

The market research report focuses on the major market drivers, obstacles and opportunities of the aforesaid industry worldwide including China. In addition, the report also takes a closer look at the growth rate, analysis, market share, size, market status, supply, sales and so on. 

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