Thursday, 1 October 2015

iPhone-powered 3D Laser Scanner Launched

Australia start-up Eora 3D recently launched iPhone-powered 3D laser scanner for just $199.Co-founded by three young Australian entrepreneurs Rahul Koduri​, Richard Boers and Asfand Khan, Eora 3D's scanner development stemmed from the need for a precise laser scanner. This scanner will be used to verify the accuracy of a large parabolic dish which is used focus sunlight on solar panels.

Further, Eora 3D is launching a Kickstarter ​crowdfunding project in the month of September which will help the developers to cover manufacturing costs. Furthermore, the venture is expecting seed funding along with collaborating with Australian manufacturing partners.

The cylindrical Eora 3D scanner comes with a reduced price since the developers use laser technology instead of smartphone cameras to do most of the work. The equipment projects a green laser beam while sweeping across the body of object which is to be scanned. The smartphone manages the laser beam while taking the photograph of the object, such that it enables capturing many images each second to track the laser thereby mapping the contours of the concerned object. The 3D scanner comes with a tiny turntable, which can be controlled via Bluetooth, allowing it to rotate and scan objects up to as much as 200 mm of length – it takes around five minutes to complete the scanning process which can be then stored and exported as an industry compliant PLY file format. Eora 3D's scanner is unique since hat it can also be used to scan larger objects and the scanner comes with a tripod mount placed at the bottom.

According to one of the developers “Our 3D scanner is perfect for scanning clay models and other organic shapes which can be difficult to produce from scratch using Computer Aided Design software. We already have a jewellery designer in Sydney who uses the scanner to proof moulds before sending them to the manufacturer”, which focuses on immense applications of the laser 3D scanner.

There are many reports in the market which tracks the growth prospects of the global and Chinese Laser 3 D scanner industry and makes an analysis of market dynamics. Recently, Prof Research Reports has added a report titled “Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Laser 3D scanner Industry, 2009-2019” which offers an in-depth insight into of key market drivers and restraining factors, business profiles of key market players along with detailed segmentation and forecast.

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