Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Cloud Computing Market Is Anticipated to Be Driven by Sales in Different Segments

Report Overview

Today, investors have access to far more choices that in yester years. Among these choices sits the cloud market. The cloud computing market is expected to expand at a rapid rate over the next four to five years. For those considering investing in the technology, stand a fair chance and certainly many benefits. By securing stock in an enterprise, that provides cloud – based solutions, clients would not only be able to be at par with the new trends but also stand an opportunity to generate more revenue. Before an enterprise plans on investing in the technology its essential for them to understand the growth rate and what’s stimulates the market. To truly understand how cloud computing can add value to an enterprise, its essential to explore the different components of cloud.

To begin with, the cloud computing stack layers’ market demonstrates the ability for end customers to avail fractions of mass resources. Besides this, these resources can be obtained fast and conveniently. A recent report titled “2015 Cloud Computing Stack Layers Industry Report”, discloses that owing to their characteristics like on-demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, elasticity and measured solutions, the market boasts of a brighter future. The market for distinct categories including the SaaS, PaaS and IaaS too shows a favorable growth.

Another on 2015 Cloud Middleware Industry reveals that clearly indicates that the segment is highly dominated by IBM. The company has managed to secure a major market share by developing a strong presence in the cloud middleware. There are also indications that the industry has been characterized by rapidly transforming technology, new market standards and frequent launches and installations. On the other hand, a report titled “2015 Cloud Security Software Industry Report -Global and Chinese Market” claims that the prospects of cloud security industry remain positive. The cloud security industry across regions including North America, Europe, Asia –Pacific and Middle East. Cloud security industry would remain strong in industries including hospitality and retail, BFSI, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Information and Telecommunication and many more.

The market by deployment type that would fetch proceeds for the cloud security market in the next 4 to 5 years includes public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. Therefore, with the increasing number of cybercrimes coupled with a growing need for cloud service specialists anticipate tremendous constant significant in the cloud computing industry. To conclude the market today is being supported by several revisions and improvements in the standards of cloud hosting security.

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