Monday, 21 December 2015

Innovations and Data Independence Drive Data Base Management System Industry

Data base management system (DBMS) is a software that enables users to create, store, modify, and manage data in a database. DBMS ensures that data remains easily available and organized serving as an interface between end users and database. DBMS manages data, database engine – which allows access & modification of data, and database schema – which defines logical structure of database. It is used in applications, such as computerized library systems, train & flight reservation systems, automated teller machines, and others. 

Shenzhen Kingdom Technology, a financial securities software developer firm from China, adopts eXtremeDB DBMS of McObject. Shenzhen adopted this system to meet the demands of higher trading speed and throughput. eXtremeDB developed a new trading system using SQL interface to enhance the performance of professional traders. The system is capable of processing 38,000 trades per second. It supports database accesses in C, C#, and Java.

The types of DBMS are Relational, NoSQL, In-memory, columnar, and cloud based. Oracle DBMS system is the leading enterprise in the industry and its relational DBMS was the first commercially available DBMS. The advantages of DBMS are logical & physical data independence, efficient handling to balance the requirement of same data for different applications, data security, logging & auditing of activity, ability to recover from crashes & errors, robust data integration, and structured organization of data. Innovative products and data independence fuels the growth in DBMS industry.

Many studies have been done that analyze current market status and opportunities of data base management systems industry. Recently, Prof Research Reports has added a report titled “2015 Data Base Management Systems (DBMS) Industry Report - Global and Chinese Market.” The report offers an in-depth analysis of key drivers & challenges, economic parameters, and market competition of the global and Chinese data base management industry.

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